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Mom, don’t read this. It is a surprise.

I have pictures! Yeah!

Finished Coco Kiss Socks!

Ultra alpaca in spiceberry, purchased on sale at WEBS. I actually purchased a couple of skeins of this years ago. While it was on sale, I ordered enough to make a sweater. I like it! It is so soft!

Mom! I told you not to read this! Well, your surprise is ruined!

Finished Mermaid Socks!

I think this is Cascade 220. Either way, isn’t it pretty?

Ditto! Pretty yarn.

I got a package today. Unfortunately, I left the box at the office. Tomorrow, I promise. Well, NCIS is about to start, so I will leave you till tomorrow. Happy knitting!


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Happy Earth Day!

I know people love to see pictures of knitting, completed projects, or yarn porn. I know my posts have been a little light on photos, and I do apologize. I wish I could claim poor lighting, but it has been sunny and warm. I wish I could claim a broken camera or dead batteries. My camera is fine. The batteries are about dead, but I have fully charged replacements in the drawer six feet away. The fact is I am lazy. Yup. I admit it. I do not want to get up and take pictures of my yarn or my projects. Hopefully I will overcome this in the next few days.

On a side note, Happy Earth Day. While I do not believe we are in an environmental crisis, I do think that as human beings we tend to be careless. I think that if everyone did just a little bit, we would be better off. Me, I changed the light bulbs to those special twisty ones that save energy. They work too! We used to buy the 75 watt bulbs. They are now replaced with 16 watt, and they are brighter. I purchased several grocery bags made form recycled material. I use them every time I grocery shop. The coolest thing is they hold more than the plastic ones. I can get two gallons of milk in one bag! I can get a week worth of groceries into 6 recycled bags. Not only am I helping the environment, I only have to carry 6 bags upstairs. If you are interested in getting your own bags, most Wal-marts have them. Most grocery stores carry them now. Or, you can check out the cool bags over at Aunt Purl’s blog.

Happy Earth Day to you!

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I know at some point in our history, shopping was an experience. Women would get dresses in their Sunday best, including hats and gloves. (On an aside, when did this custom go out of fashion. I look good in hats; however, I never wear them. Though I am super glad that we are no longer required to were pantyhose. Ugg!) They would make the drive into town and spend the day with other women. They would lunch and shop some more. This was an experience. There were salespeople who knew their customers by name. They would put a dress aside for Mrs. Jones because purple is her favorite color. Or they would call Mr. Smith to tell him that Mrs. Smith admired a hat in the store last Saturday and wouldn’t it be perfect for Valentine’s Day. Coffee and tea were a common sight next to the dressing rooms. Not only were these people customers, they were friends.

As time progressed, customers were no longer friends, but they were “always right.” Soon, as the small business was pushed aside for big business, the customer was no longer right but someone to be dealt with in order to stay in business. They were not to be waited on or pampered. Customers were to be tolerated. The “service” in customer service is all but gone in the world.

I admit that not all my yarn purchases are from my LYS. I do purchase much yarn here. I love the feel that this shop has and the staff projects the feeling of that old time shopping experience without being overbearing. I am on a budget, however, and I am forced to look for yarn at cheaper prices. This brings me to Little Knits. I ordered several skeins of Cotton Fleece this weekend. (At an outstanding price I might add.) This afternoon, I received a call from a very nice lady at Little Knits. She was very sorry to tell me that one of the colors I had ordered was no longer in stock, did I want to choose another color. She then helped me pick out a new color. I was astounded. This store in Seattle, Washington (I am in Birmingham, Alabama) called me to tell me that they were sorry, but the color of yarn I ordered did not arrive in there weekly shipment. I know that there are people out there that this is nothing new. However, I am not accustomed to such graciousness in the retail industry, especially when ordering online. They could have sent an email, or they could have sent my order with a note on the invoice stating the remainder of my order was no longer in stock. This is how most online shopping is conducted today. This lovely shop took time out of their day to call me, apologized for any inconvenience and attempt to make things right. I am very impressed. They have a loyal customer in me. And I encourage everyone who buys yarn to check them out. You will not regret it.

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Little less conversation, a little more action please

Please excuse the lack of posting as of late.  I have not had much time do any serious knitting.  I did finish the Coco Kiss socks.  They were gifted to by adoring husband, and he loves them.  They are seriously soft.  I’m not sure what they are going to look or feel like after blocking.  I do love the color, though.  I have never been a big fan of mixing browns and blacks; however, this combination is awesome.  Last winter, I bought a bag of Nature wool in a brown/black mix.  These socks are making me want to break it out and knit a sweater.  Sigh.  I need summer cardigans, so it will have to wait.

One mermaid sock is done.  I am about to cast on for the second one.  I hope I can finish it this weekend.  I am really feeling the call to start a cardigan from the Ella Rae silk I purchased from Little Knits a few weeks ago.  I am getting really tired of wearing the same two store bought cardigans every day.

Oh, now that I have my order in, I want to let everyone who does not already know that Webs is having an anniversary sale.  They are very quick to get yarn out the door.  I ordered mine this weekend and got it today.  i only wish that the cold weather would come back so playing with all the new wool would be more enjoyable.  Oh, who am I fooling?  Anyone who knows me knows i will just turn up the A/C.  Pictures in the near future.

Happy knitting!

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It feels like I have no time to knit anymore!  I am so excited to be going to St. John next month that I spend most of my free time planning various aspects of this trip.  I have been doing a little knitting.

Here is the second Coco Kiss sock:

Here is the first almost finished Mermaid sock:

That is about it.  Happy Tuesday to you. I’m off to watch NCIS.

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Who is the blogger’s Emily Post?

So, I’ve been surfing through my usual round of blog reading.  I was shocked to learn that it might be rude or inappropriate to use other blog photos on your own blog.  Now, I totally understand how it would be wrong and all theft-like to use something that is not yours and claim it is your own.  I would never do that, as I know I would not want anyone to do it to me.  Here is my question, is it wrong to use the Yarn Harlot’s sock picture to show everyone where I am in the photo?  Is that rude?  I’ve updated the post to say it is her own picture.  Is this okay, or do I need to remove the pictures?

Oh, and in the one and a trillion chance that Miss Harlot herself stumbles upon my blog, I hope you take no offense to me using your pictures for informative purposes.  I totally love you, but can never seem to stop acting like a goober long enough to tell you.  Thank you.

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Where’s Waldo?

Do you remember that game? Well, my name is not Waldo, and you do not have to look hard to find me. Just follow the arrows. I am on the Yarn Harlot’s blog.

Updated:  I am borrowing these photos from the Yarn Harlot’s blog for informational purposes only.  Oh, and because I made it onto her blog even though I do not think I will ever relax enough to make a good impression on her.  Thank you for the use of the photos.

It’s me! Yeah!

Look! It’s me again!

That is about it. Remember, I am magically transformed into an uninteresting person as soon as I come within one mile of that knit blogger. Double sigh. And I did not even have my first sock to dazzle and amaze her with. Triple sigh.

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The Harlot went down to Georgia…

Yesterday I drove all the way to Atlanta, GA to see the Yarn Harlot. See the Ben & Jerry’s sign?  That is where the event was.  Pretty cool, hu?  There were hundreds of knitters knitting.  There was yarn.  There was a new book by the Harlot, and there was ice cream.  It was a good time.  I have proof I was there, too. Behold the slightly blurry photo:

Now, my mother took this photo; however, I want to disclose that this does not reflect her true ability with a camera. The Harlot is animated when she talks. I do not fault her for this, though. If I was half as funny as she is, the flapping of my arms might cause me to take flight. She was great. I know her insane tour has just begun. If there is any way at all for you to go see her, you should. I promise the entertainment she provides is worth any driving time you might have.

I do have to say that I there is something that comes over me whenever I am around the Harlot. for some reason, I get all tongue-tied. I do not know what is wrong with me. She is not the first well known author I have talked to. I do not usually have problems talking with anyone. However, the Yarn Harlot has some kind of mojo that makes me a goober. I do not say anything stupid. I just become uninteresting! I hate that! I guess I want to talk and be charming. I do not want to be a bother. I know that makes no sense. She is there to meet people and talk with them. This is her job. She says that she enjoys it. I am a goober. Sigh. (I debated whether to include this photo or not. This just gives everyone visual proof of my dorkiness.  However, in the name of being a good blogger, I have decided to suck it up.)

Here is me in front of Knitch, the lovely host yarn shop of the event.

Knitch is a great little shop. It is laid out beautifully; the staff is very nice; and the yarn is beautiful.

I know it is unbelievable, but I did not purchase any yarn. None. Zip. Nadda. I did buy the new book; however, I had planned on that purchase, since the Harlot asked that we purchase the book at the store hosting the event. I did want to get a set of Blue Sky Alpaca DPN in the cute little tin. They did not have a size I wanted. Darn. Oh well. I really did not need them anyway.

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Friday Facts

  • While I am a hard worker, I really hate busy work.  If I am going to put time into something, I think the work needs to serve some kind of purpose.
  • I love the TV show Friends.  Now, I don’t know the apartment numbers of the characters or their cousin’s boyfriend’s brother’s occupation; but I do watch it almost every night, and I find myself mouthing the dialog.  Sad, I know.
  • When I listen to music, it is mostly country.  I started listening to it because of a guy I thought I liked in high school.  Again, sad, I know.
  • I love having my toe nails painted.  They are rarely without polish.  However, I dislike my finger nails being painted.
  • Sometimes I have a dream that comes true.  It doesn’t happen often, but it is always a little frightening when it does.

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So I was checking all my internet favorites.  Knit Nouveau has posted the new April/May schedule.  Knitting with Jane is not until next week. Uuuuuggg!  I have been taking short lunches so I could go, and this has been a rough week. Oh well, I guess I will hang out somewhere and have a solo knitting lunch.  I am pretty good company.  At least I am still going to see the Yarn Harlot on Sunday.  I am super excited. The last time I went, I did not have a chance to visit the LYS hosting the event (Knitch).  Since her talk and book signing is in the afternoon, I can check it out. I heard it is a really cool store.

Now, for the really great news.  I am going vacationing in St. Johns next month!  Yeah!  I am super excited.  I have six weeks to tone up a bit before I am going to show myself in a bathing suit.  I think it is doable.  The most important question is what I am going to take to knit on.  I do not want to take something woolly.  I think that would be an unwise decision for the beach.  I know lace is an option, but I am not really a lace fan.  Now maybe I will become a convert.  You never know.  I did not think that I would ever knit socks on a regular basis, but I do.  Right now they are my go to project.  They are just so easy and portable.  Maybe if I work with a lighter fiber like cotton or silk I could make myself a cardigan.  I always need those.  A skirt or dress and a cardigan is my standard work outfit.  I think I need to spend some time on Ravelry tonight.

I know I have not been very vocal about the “lit” part of KnitLit.  I think I am going to try to correct that now.  I have three different novels going on right now.  I am listening to Shadow Music by Julie Garwood.  It is fairly standard for her.  Like most of her books, it is set in Scotland a long long time ago.  A Scottish laird falls in love with a high spirited but lovely woman.  Even though I can outline her plot lines in under ten minutes, I continue to enjoy her writing.  It is easy and entertaining.

Book number one is Forever Odd by Dean Koontz.  Because it is a paperback, this is my carry around book.  It is the second in a series.  I listed to the first book.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was unusual and well written.  I did not see the end coming.  I purchased the second and the third.  I was hoping I would enjoy it as much.  I have been a little disappointed.  I do not know if it is because I am reading it or if the story is not a good.  It is picking up, so I am not going to leave it just yet.

Last, but not least, is Rhett Butler’s People.  This is my read at home book.  At 500 pages, this is not one to carry around.  When I first saw the release date for this book, I was not sure I could wait for it.  I read Gone with the Wind and Scarlett multiple times.  I have always wanted to know more about these characters.  I waited and waited.  It was finally released.  I rushed out and forked over the cash.  I was sorely disappointed when I opened it.  Oh my gosh it starts slow.  Now, I am about a quarter of the way into it, and I think I may be changing my mind.  It is picking up.  One complaint I have is that Rhett’s role in the story so far is as small as in the original.  I guess I should have figured it out.  The title is Rhett Butler’s People.  It is about his people.  I am not sure why I thought it would be about him.  Maybe it will pick up.  I do have to say that the direction the author is taking about Rhett is interesting.  I wonder if it matches what Margaret Mitchell had in mind.  From what I have read, there were stacks of pages that she wrote but that were lost and never published.  I have to wonder.

So, there it is.  Three books and two active knitting projects.

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