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        I have turned the heel on the Coco Kiss sock.  It has been such a long time since I have turned a heel that I was completely shocked that I could do it!  It is an amazing thing this turning a heel.  I never thought I would like knitting socks. I very rarely wear them. My feet are just too hot to wear them.  I like knitting them, though.  They are very easy, portable and the yarn is great.  At least Smooshy is great.  I am loving this color, too.  It is called Coco Kiss; however, it is really a combination of a rich chocolaty brown, a smoky gray and a deep charcoal gray.  It stripes but not an in-your-face stripe. It is more a subtle color shift. It is great, and you should run to your LYS and touch it, smell it, oh, go ahead and fondle it.

I wonder if the excitement of turning a heel is the same as having faith and finishing the EZ baby surprise jacket.  That is my next project. Now that the Candle Flame shawl has been finished and gifted, I am itching to try something else new.  Well, new that will not take months to finish.  I am feeling the need to have quick knits.  I plan on using the Casbah I purchased a few weeks ago.  In case you forgot (and because every time I try to link to something it fails), here is the start of my baby surprise jacket:


Good, right?  I know I am going to love working with this yarn.  It is so very soft.  And pretty. It is oh so pretty.  I can not wait to start.

Speaking of starting new projects, I want to start about 10 new sweater projects. I don’t, however, want to invest in a project that will take gads of time.  Hence the socks and baby stuff.  Though if I keep reading Jared’s blog I will start a new sweater soon.  His stuff is beautiful.  He is actually making me want to design my own sweater.  We’ll see.


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