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Five Facts Friday

Today is the start of Five Facts Friday.

  1. Today is the start of my non-destination vacation. I am going to spend the time playing in the garden, knitting, spring cleaning the house (’cause it finally feels like Spring), knitting, finish up the guest room renovation, knitting, cleaning the boy child’s room, knitting. I am so excited I think I may pee my pants any minute.
  2. I love color. My favorite colors are peacock colors: blue, green, purple. However, I decorate my home in the colors of a Vermont fall: reds, oranges, golds.
  3. I think I am fostering a new addiction……… knitting socks.
  4. I find it difficult to knit anything for myself. When I do, it is something quick and easy like a hat. Anything more substantial is either given away (first completed sweater which will be gifted this weekend), is not finished (sweater that is knitted but not sewn up) or never worn (scarves, hats, gloves).
  5. My birthday is on Sunday. That is the day that I get to do anything I want. It is a tradition in my house – on your birthday, you can do anything you want, within reason. Oh, and this is the last birthday I will have. Well, I will have the same birthday every year. I still want presents! Birthday = yarn!

Happy weekend!


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