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Secret Project

Today I am going to share the “secret” project I have been working on. I have been working very hard on it, and I am feeling discouraged about how long it is taking.


When I learned that Rick Burgess’ son had died, I felt called to do something. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was to do, though. I don’t know the family. I don’t attend the same church. I don’t know anyone personally who knows the family. I know that I am supposed to do something, though. I figured it out. I am knitting Sherri Burgess a prayer shawl. I have never knit a shawl (prayer shawl or not) before. I have never knit this pattern before. Everything about this experience is new.


005.jpg 006.jpg


It is going slower than I had hoped. The problem is that I get distracted. When I knit a pattern (you know, that is not the same stitich all the way through the row), I count in my head. I don’t know why I do this. I just do. Now, it’s very difficult to pray (the whole point of the prayer shawl) and count at the same time. It’s not impossible, though it slows my knitting considerably. Lucky, I have been able to memorize the pattern, so it’s not a slow as it could be.


It is not just the counting, either. The only time I really have to knit is after work. This is not a whole lot of time after picking up my son, cooking dinner, exercising (remember the Biggest Loser competition in my family), laundry, showering after all the exercise, getting lunch ready for the next day, ect, ect, ect. When I do squeeze in the knitting, my family wants to talk. That is not a bad thing. Usually, I can knit and talk at the same time. But, I find it difficult to count in my head, pray and talk at the same time.


So, I guess the reason I need to talk about this now is to ask for your help. I need encouragement to finish this. I know this is something the Lord is calling me to do. I don’t know how I am going to get it to her, but I know the Lord will provide a way. I am not worried about that. I am worried that my own human weakness will slow this down until it is no longer needed.


So, I need you to pray for me to finish this shawl while I am working and praying for Sherri.


PS – If I don’t post as often, this is the project I am working on. I know you won’t mind.


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