Knit Lit

Warning, this post may cause rapid heart rate, envy and in extreme cases debt.

I feel a little naughty writing this post, but here you go …


Casbah in color way Origin


Casbah in color way Renaissance


Casbah in color way Vintage

I think these color ways are correct. They were not labeled, so I looked them up on the website.


Lorna’s Laces in Black Purl


Nature Wool in color way 27


Nature Wool in color way 46

I am so happy! If all those people out there who are hooked on drugs and alcohol knew about the healing powers of yarn, the world would be a better place. I know today, just holding it made me smile. And being able to smile after the day I had is quite a feat. I have not knit with any of these before, but they called to me. The past three times I have gone to my LYS I have picked up and fondled these skeins. That is my rule. If I  see something on three different occasions and still love it, I buy it.

When I showed it off to the women at work, they liked it. They were shocked at the price of good yarn. I explained that the Casbah (1 skein at least) was destined to be an EZ Baby Surprise Jacket. When put in that perspective, she did not think it was such an extravagance. Also, she and her husband can spend 2 hours at the movies for the price of one skein. I will have weeks of entertainment for the same price. Not to mention that Prozac is way more expensive. I think I made my point.

I can not wait to start a project with one of these. I can not let myself until the baby blanket is done. The shower was pushed back to next Thursday. Hopefully, I will be done tonight, pictures tomorrow.


February 28, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. sounds like we may have to do an intervention.

    Comment by Buck | February 29, 2008

  2. BEAUTIFUL!!! As an “artist” the COLORS call to me, not necessarily the yarn. Having said that, I have my eye on one of the colors. I’m thinking a tank…………HINT! HINT!!!

    Comment by Mom (better known as Nana) | March 3, 2008

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