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Jumping off the diet wagon.

So, I confessed that I fell off the diet bad wagon and started eating poorly. That is not all. Today, I bought this


I had to get out of the office today. It is beginning to feel like a prison there. I went to the bank; and my LYS is right around the corner, so I stopped in. You know, just to look. I wasn’t going to buy anything. I just wanted to look. I had been looking for no or low wool content sock yarn. (There is not really a great need for wool socks in Alabama and Mississippi.) I have seen the Panda Cotton on the Internets, but I wasn’t sure how soft it really is. Well, my LYS had a big basket full. They are fairly soft, too. I wonder how it will knit up. I’m thinking of this as research for future Christmases and birthdays. And, I need the woolwash for when I am finished with the prayer shawl. This was the last one she had in the lavender.

These are my justifications, and I’m sticking to it.


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