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We interupt this program …

While I think I see an end to the Candle Flame Prayer Shawl, it is now sharing time with a new project. A co-worker’s first baby is due next month. We are having a shower for him (his wife is actually having the baby, but you know what I mean) in three weeks. I must give him a hand knit gift. I have been at this company for two years. In that time, there has been three new grandchildren born. Each has received at least one hand knit from me, In most cases, several. It is tradition.

Now, a couple of years ago, I purchased roughly 20 skeins of Lion Brand Micro Spun in coco, natural, apple green and lilac (which is more blue than purple). I planned to use it to make several summer tops. I started the first top and discovered I really do not like knitting with it. It is very splitty and difficult to work with. On the up side, it is very, very soft. It is like touching a cloud, perfect for a baby. I know I will never use it for a garment, so I am using it to make the Modern Baby Blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting, The Curious Knitter’s Guide. (I would link to the website, but the last couple of times I tried, it didn’t work. I’ll practice.) There isn’t much to show, yet. As soon as it looks like anything, I will post pictures.


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