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Men are from Mars

Recently my husband’s computer went kaput. Apparently, after a couple of years the hard drive in a computer will die. Yup die! No one tells you this when you buy the computer, but whatever. No do they tell you to back up your stuff. Well, maybe I should have learned a lesson from , oh, I don’t know, the 100s of stories I have seen and heard. No, not me.

This computer loss was a major deal. This past May, we took a cruise to Alaska. While we were Juneau, we took a helicopter to Herbert glacier and got married. Yup. We got married on a glacier in Alaska. Now, most people think this is either really really neat, or extremely odd. I personally vote for neat, but that is just me. So, all of our photos were on his computer. Yes, all 3,000 photos were in his computer that would not turn on.

Thankfully, he took it to a computer guru (I wish I was one!) who was able to retrieve 97% of his data, including all our photos. Yeah! He also put a new hard drive, so his computer is as good as new. Now that we have access to the photos, my lovely husband spent all day burning our photos onto CDs “just in case.” Eventually we will get an external hard drive. We have to do a little research, though. We have 25 GB of photos, now, and that is only 5 years worth. So burning them to CDs is a good idea. This, I don’t understand ….


No, do not adjust your monitor. That is a computer in the freezer. Yes, a computer in the freezer people! Now, he says this helps the hard drive cool off and allows it to work for a few minutes, so you can retrieve data. Now, clearly, if you are from Mars, this makes perfect sense. I, on the other hand, am from Venus.

Now, for knitting news, I finished a quickie project last night.


This is a MP3 wrist band. There is no pattern. I just cast on with some scrap Patons Classic Wool and winged it. I think I am going to have to make some adjustments, though. The little pocket is a tad too small, and the MP3 player wanted to pop out of it all day. We’ll see.


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  1. Ok, you got me on this one. Putting the laptop in the freezer, where did this idea come from???

    Comment by Buck | January 23, 2008


    Comment by Mom (better known as Nana) | January 23, 2008

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