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I should know better! My last post about Dean Koontz ruined everything! I temped the fates by showing favor to a current author. I started a new audio book this morning on the way to work. I don’t know why I feel compelled to listen to audio books for my 15 minute morning commute, but I do. I guess it is a holdover from my 45 minute commutes last spring. I guess it could be a burning desire not to listen to the same four songs over and over and over again. The radio stations here are not good. What happened to the stations of yesteryear (he he, yesteryear!) that played all kinds of music? There are lots of people our here that like country, rock and pop. You could even add a little rap, though, I personally would change stations during the rap songs.

Anyway, I digress. I popped a new Dean Koontz book into the CD player and off I went to carpool. Within 2 minutes, I was mentally adding items to my grocery list. What!?! Usually I am captivated by his books. All of his books thus far have an advantage of not starting slow. They jump right into the story and keep on going. If I had to criticize anything, it would be that his stories seem to end too abruptly. This doesn’t really bother me, though, since I read for pleasure only not in the hopes of becoming a book critic. Now that I think about it, that might be a cool job. So, this new book is boring. I know it will probably pick up, but I don’t think I am going to be able to stick with it.

My library has downloadable books. I think I might try one of those. My library never seems to have just what I’m looking for. I am always looking for new authors and books. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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