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No one tagged me for the “7 Random Facts,” but it sounds like fun … now these are the rules: Post these rules on your blog. List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself. Tag seven random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs. Let each person know that they have been tagged by posting a comment on their blog.

Here’s my List:

  • My biggest pet peeve is to hear people eating.
  • I find it uncomfortable to be still. I feel compelled to do stuff, read, knit, listen to music, play games, serf the net, all the time. I don’t mind being by myself or being quiet. But, I must always be doing something.
  • I love cabbage, but hate brussel sprouts. By the same token, I love corn but hate creamed corn
  • I love shoes, but prefer being barefoot.
  • I will only use Crest toothpaste.
  • I can tell you all about the characters in “Friends” like they are members of my own family.
  • Growing up, I never told anyone, but I knew I would marry a man in uniform. And I did.

I don’t feel comfortable tagging anyone else’s blog that I don’t know, so consider yourself tagged if you read this and haven’t posted your 7 Random Facts.


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I’m having a bad day.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about work, jobs, employers, ect. I have have been working on and off (mostly on) for half my life. I have worked in restaurants, delis, retail, loss prevention and professional offices. In my experience, I have come across many people and many bosses. In dealing with these people, I have noticed many things. I would like to share some of these incites with you.

The first thing I have noticed is that the people who get promotions, raises and/or recognition are not the people who care about their jobs/employer, who work hard, get the job done and do it well. No, the people who get the promotions, raises, and recognition are the ones who can blow smoke up the boss’s butt the best. I am serious. Not only do these people not do their own work, they make more work for those who are actually working. I call these people the “Coasters.” When alone, the Coasters either do very little work, spending more energy looking for a way out of work than what it would have taken to do the work; or they perform tasks so poorly that co-workers must constantly correct their mistakes or pick up their slack. When the boss is around, however, the Coasters talk themselves up and put their shortcomings on their co-workers. They somehow become the boss’s best buddy in the process. Why is it the people who lie get all the recognition?

That leads me to my second observation. Generally, the more power someone has, the dumber that person gets. Okay, maybe their intelligence doesn’t decline, but the ability to accurately observe what is going on around them falls drastically. If employers would actually make an effort to be aware of what is going on in the workplace, the likelihood of Coasters being employees would decrease.

It is not that hard to tell when an employee lies to his/her boss on a daily basis. How many times can your kid be sick in one month? If they are truly sick that often, they need to be in a plastic bubble. I know of no child who is sick every two days with a new illness. How many times can you have car problems, house problems, nanny problem, on and on and on. Why?!? Why would an employer continue to employ someone who lies constantly? Why would you keep someone employed who never comes to work? Also, these same employers wonder why they can not keep their employees. It is not difficult to find out why people keep leaving the workplace. These people are unhappy! They are tired of doing other people’s work in addition to their own and having those people continue to advance in the company or make more money than them for doing less work.

I know. I know. Life should not be about work. If people could only leave work at work, they would be okay. Realistically, this vary rarely happens. In general, people spend more time at work or commuting to work than they do at home. (I am not including sleep, because you are sleeping, not doing anything externally productive.) This also does not include the stresses that home brings, especially for those people who work full time and have children. Not only do they have to deal with work stress, they have to handle the stress of children’s school and activities and keeping the housework taken care of.

Thinking all this, I went looking on the internet for articles related to job dissatisfaction. This is what I found:

There are two basic models used to describe job stress. One is the demand-control-support model, and the other is the effort- reward imbalance model.

The demand-control-support model is based on the idea that work stress builds when demand is high but employee control and social support are low. If someone is under a lot of demands at work but has very little control over his or her own working conditions or work load, and is lacking in social support from both management and coworkers, he or she will experience an abundance of work stress.

The effort-reward imbalance model states that negative emotions and stress will arise when a person consistently puts forth a lot of effort with very little reward. If someone is working overtime or is asked to take on very demanding projects at work without adequate monetary, esteem or opportunity incentive, he or she will feel more stress.

Reading this, it seems like it is an either/or deal. What happens when you are both?

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Tonight we are going to the circus! I have been taking my son every year since he was two. I think I am more excited than he is! We are goiing to the circus! We are going to the circus! Yeah!

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In college, I took a poetry writing workshop. During the semester, we had to write poems using various writing techniques working toward presenting a portfolio for our final grade. We had to turn in at least two poems during the class for discussion. One of the poems I turned in was very well received. When my professor asked me to explain it, I couldn’t. I just sat down one day and wrote it in fifteen minutes. He called it a gift poem. I think that is exactly what it is, a gift.

I have started working on a new knitting project. Like the poem, I think this is going to be gift, both literally and figuratively. I have never done anything like this before. However, I feel called to do it. Eventually, it will be given away. I’m not sure I feel comfortable explaining what it is or who it will be going to right now, because it is not about me. Having said that, I am requesting that good thoughts and prayers be sent toward this project and the person it is eventually going to go to. Instead of a picture of the gift-in-the-making, I will share my gift poem with you.

Freud’s Dream

Someone slaps you on the cheek
and melts into the building behind
the rush of suits flooding the sidewalk.
You look up and see a tow-headed boy
floating by, hanging from a banana-shaped balloon
and holding a love-worn teddy bear.
A hummingbird perches on your shoulder
and tells you that a hairless cat
has your house key on a cloud rolling
toward an anaconda farm in Montana.
A butterfly climbs up the streetlight
and sings down tiny drops of rain
that dry the flower boxes on car windows.
You follow the unicolored rainbow
to a coffee shop where you watch
the cashier serve the latte a customer.
Across the street, a greyhound walks
a man on a leash made of chocolate
to a park where cigarettes grow
in well-manicured beds and old men play Nintendo.
Parking meters serenade you
with Sinatra tunes as a bag lady pulls a hundred
from the ATM and hands it to you.
While you watch Ben wave from the bright purple bill,
the Marlboro man pulls you up on his horse
and takes you to his igloo in Texas.

(I know this is unnecessary, but please do not print, yank, copy, reprint, rewrite, sell, or otherwise steal this poem in anyway. If you would like to share it, please link to this post.)

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New Project, New Books

I’m hesitant to post what I started with the yarn from the Cozy V-Neck, but it is looking hopeful, so I think I might risk it. I started the Basic Black V-Neck Cardigan from MagKnits. I’ve had to make some adjustments to accommodate the gauge of this yarn. It is a pretty standard pattern, so I don’t think it will be too difficult. I am almost done with the back, so there is not much to see. I’m hoping it turns out well, because I love the color of this yarn. It is also soft and best-of-all machine washable.

I’m still working on the Fetching Mitts. I wish these were done, thoguh. Tomorrow morning’s temp is going to be 17 F.

My new MP3 is stocked with 3 audio books. The Watchers, by Dean Koontz; Gods in Alabama, by Joshilyn Jackson, and Darkest Fear by Harlan Coben. I am listening to The Watchers right now. It is okay, but not one of his best.

Yup. A little boring, but that’s all I got today.

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Men are from Mars

Recently my husband’s computer went kaput. Apparently, after a couple of years the hard drive in a computer will die. Yup die! No one tells you this when you buy the computer, but whatever. No do they tell you to back up your stuff. Well, maybe I should have learned a lesson from , oh, I don’t know, the 100s of stories I have seen and heard. No, not me.

This computer loss was a major deal. This past May, we took a cruise to Alaska. While we were Juneau, we took a helicopter to Herbert glacier and got married. Yup. We got married on a glacier in Alaska. Now, most people think this is either really really neat, or extremely odd. I personally vote for neat, but that is just me. So, all of our photos were on his computer. Yes, all 3,000 photos were in his computer that would not turn on.

Thankfully, he took it to a computer guru (I wish I was one!) who was able to retrieve 97% of his data, including all our photos. Yeah! He also put a new hard drive, so his computer is as good as new. Now that we have access to the photos, my lovely husband spent all day burning our photos onto CDs “just in case.” Eventually we will get an external hard drive. We have to do a little research, though. We have 25 GB of photos, now, and that is only 5 years worth. So burning them to CDs is a good idea. This, I don’t understand ….


No, do not adjust your monitor. That is a computer in the freezer. Yes, a computer in the freezer people! Now, he says this helps the hard drive cool off and allows it to work for a few minutes, so you can retrieve data. Now, clearly, if you are from Mars, this makes perfect sense. I, on the other hand, am from Venus.

Now, for knitting news, I finished a quickie project last night.


This is a MP3 wrist band. There is no pattern. I just cast on with some scrap Patons Classic Wool and winged it. I think I am going to have to make some adjustments, though. The little pocket is a tad too small, and the MP3 player wanted to pop out of it all day. We’ll see.

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Thoughts and prayers

There is a very popular radio show in Birmingham, Rick and Bubba. Rick Burgess and his family lost their two-year old son, Bronner, this weekend in a very tragic accident. Today my thoughts and prayers are with all of the Burgess family and their friends. Please take a moment today to pray for this family, that they take comfort in God’s grace.


He died for us so that, whether we are awake or asleep, we may live together with him. 1 Thessalonians 5:10

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It’s snowing in Alabama!

002.jpg 021.jpg

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Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to mourn the loss of the Cozy V-Neck sweater. This is a sad day for all. The potential of this sweater will always linger in my heart. The beautiful copper color was what drew me to the yarn. Such richness that reminds me of the fall leaves. The delicate v-neck and form that would accentuate a good figure. Too bad I can not claim this last one.

Cozy, I will miss you. However, I know you will be reborn as a new dream that will be treasured for years to come.



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Psst! I have a secret. Please don’t let the Cozy-V Neck sweater know, but I started another project. Hush! Your collective gasps might alert it! Besides, it isn’t really cheating. It’s just that the sweater has gotten too big to fit in my cute new knitting bag. Let’s face it, when you knit a sweater in the round, there will come a time when it is just not feasible to carry around. To be fair, I still knit on it when I’m home. But, away from home, I am spending time with ….
… new Fetching gloves. I’m using Queensland Collection Kathmandu DK (Merino, Silk, Cashmere) in Color 415 I got on sale form my LYS. I also have plans to start a baby blanket for a co-worker in the next day or two. Wow! When I cheat, I do go big don’t I? Cozy need not worry, though.I plan to go to the movies this weekend. It is a perfect project for movie knitting. Maybe I will get it done watching Atonement.

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