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101 in 1001

Deadline for completion: May 30, 2011

The Mission:

Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:

Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).


Health / Fitness

They say that it takes 2 weeks to form a habit. I hope that by the time I complete a task everyday for a month, it will be a habit I will continue. I would also hate not to be able to cross of a task if I did not do it all 1,001 days.

1. Take a vitamin every day for a month (0/30)

2. Drink 64 oz of water a day for a month (0/30)

3. Floss every day for a month (0/30)

4. Reach goal weight

5. Be able to do 10 “man” push-ups

6. Be able to run 45 minutes without stopping

7. Give up meat for a week (changed to going vegan for the week)


8. Learn how to play guitar

9. Learn how to spin

10. Learn how to dye yarn

11. Learn how to cable without a needle

12. Knit to completion a garment with steeks

13. Learn to make my own soap

14. Learn to make my own shampoo (I’m going to count this one done, even though I don’t like the way it turned out.)

15. Learn how to make homemade candy and give as Christmas presents 2009

16. Learn how to make sesame chicken

17. Learn sign language

18. Learn how to make good tabouli

19. Learn to make a good spaghetti sauce from scratch

Fun stuff I never get around to doing

20. Read Anna Karenina

21. Read a non-fiction book  Hungry by Crystal Renn

22. Read a Jane Austin novel

23. Write a book of poems and submit to a publisher

24. Knit a new blanket/afghan for Hubby

25. Knit a blanket/afghan for me

26. Paint/draw/create a picture and hang it up in the house

27. Knit a sweater out of the recommended yarn (Liesl – Malabrigo)

28. Sew something from fabric in closet (this one will never happen. I started sewing and now have a stash which defeats the purpose.)

29. Knit/make pillows for couch

30. Design & knit a garment

31. Submit a knit design for publication

Personal Growth

32. Officially Join my church

33. Fulfill tithe financial commitment to the church (2008/2009)

34. Volunteer at the church (Halloween Carnival)

35. Read the Bible everyday (not including reading to Boy child) for a month (0/30)

36. Start a journal and write in it everyday for at least 2 months (0/60)

37. Sing in the church choir

38. Sponsor an angel at Christmas (Boy Child’s class adopted one & I donated the moolah, so I’m counting it done.)

39. Attend a Sip & Strokes

40. Sell something I have made

41. Turn the TV off for an entire day on the weekend


42. Attend a fiber festival

43. Travel anywhere out of the U.S.A.

44. Take Boy Child to Washington D.C.

45. Visit my grandfather in Mississippi (12/13/08)

46. Take part in the 1,000 Knitter Project


47. Play hookie with Boy Child

48. Read the Bible to Boy Child every night he is home for a month (0/14)

49. Spend a night with Hubby without the TV turned on

50. Knit a sweater for Hubby that fits and he will wear in public

51. Complete ½ of inspiration journal for Boy Child

52. Take Boy Child to see The Nutcracker ballet (12/20/08)

53. Go on a romantic picnic with Hubby

54. Take Boy Child to fly a kite

55. Take Boy child to the zoo

56. Take boy child to art museum

57. Let Boy Child spend a week at great grandparent’s house

58. Beat Hubby in a game of pool

59. Teach Boy Child to knit

60. Write down family stories

Just Because

61. Find and eat good crème brule  (10/16/09)

62. Try Thai food again (still don’t like it)

63. Watch 10 of the top 100 AFI films of all time that I haven’t already seen (10/10)

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, All About Eve, American Graffiti, Some Like it Hot, Cabaret, Singin’ in the Rain, Tootsie, Annie Hall, Bringing Up Baby, Philadelphia Story

64. Buy something from Etsy

65. Have a completely indulgent day that includes time at a spa (06/26/09)

66. Buy a coloring book and finish every page

67. Send out Christmas cards (12/15/08)

68. See Vulcan

69. Meet the person behind one of the blogs I read regularly

70. Make a recipe from one of the Hannah Swenson books

71. Get a family photo taken

72. Have dessert first for dinner

73. Design and have a piece of jewelry made for me

74. Get a hot stone massage (06/26/09)

75. Watch every episode of Gilmore Girls (7/7 seasons)

76. Go to a crawfish boil

77. Plant a tree

Career Aspirations

78. Take the GRE

79. Apply to graduate school


80. Blog at least 4 times a week for 6 months (24/24 weeks)

81. Get rid of anything I don’t love, need, or use regularly

82. Have baby photos of me restored

83. Give blood (12/18/08)

84. Build a table for yarn room

85. Get Wii age down to actual age

86. Go horseback riding

87. Read all my books

88. Knit 10 bathroom washcloths for the house (0/10)

89. Knit 10 cleaning cloths for the house (2/10)

90. Go to the local farmer’s market

91. Make slipcover/reupholster blue chair or purchase one to replace it

92. See snow on Christmas

Non-fun Stuff that I need to accomplish

93. Draft a will, power of attorney, and medical power of attorney

94. Stick with my budget for 3 months in a row 3 times (0/3) (0/3) (0/3)

95. Research the presidential candidates

96. Vote on election day

97. Do monthly breast exams (4/33)

98. Go to the dentist every 6 months (0/5)


99. Private Task #1

100. Private Task #2

101. Private Task #3


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