Knit Lit

100 Things About Me

  1. I was born in Tupelo, Mississippi.
  2. I do not like Elvis.
  3. I have two younger brothers.
  4. I am married.
  5. We were married on a glacier in Alaska.
  6. I want to live there.
  7. I have one child.
  8. I love cabbage.
  9. I hate brussel sprouts.
  10. I also hate English peas.
  11. I read the last Harry Potter book in one day.
  12. I have a secret dream to be a writer.
  13. I am a night owl.
  14. The first thing I remember cooking is fudge brownies.
  15. I can still make these without the recipe.
  16. I was an extra in the movie The Chamber with Chris O’Donnell.
  17. My scene was cut.
  18. I was in the show choir in high school.
  19. I am a second soprano.
  20. I am addicted to Diet Coke.
  21. I love shoes.
  22. I prefer to be barefoot.
  23. I have gone to see the Yarn Harlot at book signings twice.
  24. I practice what I am going to say to her in my head.
  25. When I finally get to talk to her, I freeze up and only stupid things that make no sense come out of my mouth.
  26. She is the only person I have met that makes me react that way.
  27. It is not her fault.
  28. I love to knit sweaters I can never wear because I am always hot.
  29. I am 5’10 ½” tall
  30. I have been this tall since I was 13.
  31. Sometimes I wish I were shorter.
  32. My legs make up over half my height.
  33. It takes forever to shave them.
  34. I like to do laundry.
  35. I hate to fold it.
  36. I wear contacts, because I think I am close to legally blind.
  37. My eye doctor says I am not a good psychological candidate for Lasik surgery.
  38. I would like to travel often.
  39. I would only stay away for a week or two because I miss home.
  40. When I get tired, I suck my tongue.
  41. I do not have a nickname.
  42. I have always wanted one.
  43. I love books like I love my yarn stash.
  44. If I have a book and/or knitting, I am never bored.
  45. I love the TV show Friends.
  46. I am not athletic.
  47. I love horseback riding.
  48. I want to have a horse of my very own some day.
  49. I have never been out of the US.
  50. Chocolate is my favorite food.
  51. Soup is a close second.
  52. I do not have a pet.
  53. If I did, it would be a cat.
  54. I do not wear gold jewelry.
  55. I hate to cook.
  56. If I were more creative in the kitchen, I could be a vegetarian.
  57. I have a feeling that is never going to happen.
  58. I slept on the sidewalk as a tween to buy New Kids on the Block concert tickets.
  59. I have no plans to go to the reunion tour.
  60. I love clothes.
  61. I have a lot of clothes.
  62. I end up wearing the same things over and over again.
  63. I wear polish on my toenails, but not my fingernails.
  64. I prefer listening to audio books rather than music.
  65. I love ethnic food.
  66. Except Thai. I tried it once and refuse to eat it again. (Okay, I did try it again for the 101 in 1,001 challenge. I still don’t like it.)
  67. I am very organized at work.
  68. Not so much at home.
  69. I love to drive when I have no where to go.
  70. I hate to drive when I have to be somewhere.
  71. I sleepwalk.
  72. I also sleep talk.
  73. I rarely make it through the night without waking up at least once.
  74. I think this is due to all that talking.
  75. Fall is my favorite season.
  76. I have been to three of the four outer most edges of the US – Hawaii, Alaska, St. John
  77. I would love to drive through the Northeast in the fall.
  78. Until my late teens, all my maternal great-grandparents were alive.
  79. I have 25 cousins (32 including spouses).
  80. I am the oldest.
  81. I am a bit of a hermit.
  82. I only drink skim milk.
  83. I hate people telling me what to do.
  84. My first instinct is to do the opposite.
  85. Even if I want to do it.
  86. I never wear belts.
  87. I look good in hats, even the weird ones.
  88. I never wear them.
  89. I have a B.S. degree in Psychology.
  90. I am not working in that field.
  91. I find my current job boring.
  92. I had a pet snake in college.
  93. I left my first college after one year because it was too collegiate.
  94. I like trying new things.
  95. It frustrates me when people season their food without tasting it first.
  96. I also dislike hearing people eat. -Keep your mouth closed if there is food in it!-
  97. I always over pack on vacations.
  98. I attended my 10 year high school reunion.
  99. I do not plan on attending another.
  100. I am only funny when I am not trying to be.


  1. Only a few surprises here. Interesting though. I don’t think I could think of 100 things about me. I know you probably could, but not sure I would like to read them. LOL!!! Hope you will start #12 sooner, rather than later. You don’t have to tell anyone. You’re a great writier. Just read your posts sometime. This is not an #84, so don’t do a #85.

    Comment by Mom (better known as Nana) | June 28, 2008

  2. I love your website Mommy. I’m at Nonna and Papa Johnny’s today using their computer. I love you. Kendall

    Comment by Kendall | July 5, 2008

  3. An aspiring knitter here. Came across your site, I like it. You’re list sounds a lot like me!

    Comment by janed21 | July 31, 2008

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